When Another Dragon Roars

Starring Lucy Fiori & Austin Mitchel-Hewitt

Recorded performance Mindfulness 5+
When Another Dragon Roars

The two of them are going camping – to get away from everything. To have some quality time.

Alfie finds it hard to talk, his Mum does too. 

They share stories about dragons – scary ones, sulky ones, angry ones, funny ones - and discover that emotions, like Dragons, are tricky beasts. Sometimes they need to be tamed, sometimes they need to be released. 

When Another Dragon Roars

When Another Dragon Roars brings together Petite Ullaloom and Altered Scale Theatre; the celebrated companies behind “Another Wintery Tale”, original music from Barry Han (The Witching Hour), enchanting set and puppets from Austin Mitchel-Hewitt (Walk The Plank) costumes/props, Jane Richardson (ITV), Lighting design Phil Saunders (Tmesis, 20 Stories High) Movement Director Karl C Newsam (Melt Dance) Drama therapist Lisa Chae and award winning children’s writer and Director Kevin Dyer (Beauty and The Beast/ATT)

When Another Dragon Roars When Another Dragon Roars
  • Director: Kevin Dyer
  • Performers: Lucy Fiori and Austin Mitchel-Hewitt
  • Music: Barry Han
  • Writer: Kevin Dyer
  • Set and Puppet Design by: Austin Mitchel-Hewitt
  • Costume and Bowow Designed by: Jane Richardson
  • Design Assistant: Ed Bixter
  • Lighting Design: Phil Saunders
  • Mental Well being Advisor: Lisa Chae
  • Movement Director: Karl C Newsam
  • Cultural Advisor: Uma Ramanathan
  • Producers: Lucy Fiori and Austin Mitchel-Hewitt
  • Filmed and edited by: Wes Storey
  • Support films filmed and edited by: Alex Harrison
  • Alfie’s top tips/The Shadow Dragon/The Dragons Lair
  • Performed and devised by Austin Mitchel-Hewitt, Lucy Fiori and Lisa Chae
  • Written by Lucy Fiori and Lisa Chae with Direction by Austin Mitchel-Hewitt
  • Filmed at Video Odyssey Liverpool
  • Special Thanks to Alison Duddle, all the staff at Action Transport Theatre, Big Imaginations and Z-Arts.
  • Funded with public money from The National Lottery and Arts Council England.


Lucy Fiori
Lucy  Fiori

Lucy  Fiori is an actress, writer and artistic Director of Petite Ullaloom. She has produced and toured children’s shows with a dark twist including Spooky Tales and The Fear Factor, and has been commissioned to create shows for companies such as The Biennial, NML, Paper-chatterbox and The Unity Theatre.

Austin Mitchel-Hewitt

Austin Mitchel-Hewitt is the artistic director and founder of Altered Scale Theatre and has extensive experience with puppetry as an artform. He has performed with companies like Tall Stories, and designed puppets and performed with Fuse theatre, Unity Theatre and NML. He is an associate artist with Action Transport theatre.