Berkoff’s Women


Starring Linda Marlowe

From the works of Steven Berkoff
Directed by Josie Lawrence

Out of her unique association with Steven Berkoff, Linda Marlowe presents, Berkoff’s Women, a theatrical exploration of sensuality, revenge, pathos, heart-breaking loneliness and riotous humour.

Berkoff’s Women

Having worked with Berkoff for over twenty years, this is a compilation of some of the most rewarding exciting moments of Berkoff's female roles, featuring excerpts from his plays "Decadence", "Greek", "East", Agamemnon", “Sturm Und Drang”, plus a newly dramatised story "From My Point of View".

Berkoff’s Women Berkoff’s Women Berkoff’s Women Berkoff’s Women

The show is very simply performed, no set - just an elegant black dress and a chair. Through a series of monologues Linda Marlowe uses the prose of Steven Berkoff to explore the many emotions of women. Performed as a ‘stand up’ Linda Marlowe physically illustrates the wonderful humour and the sheer sadness of the many personas on show. Steven Berkoff’s language is strong and poetic and his characters outrageous.

There are selected excerpts from his plays such as the hit comedy “Decadence”. “From My Point Of View”, a poignant short story about a woman left on the shelf lonely and ageing. Revenge and tragedy as Clytemnestra in “Agamemnon” avenges her husband’s murder of their child. Hilarious sexy stories and The Sphinx from “Greek” who decimates men for their collusion, killing and rape and eulogises women as superior beings. These are just some of the highlights of Steven’s writing for women.

  • Linda Marlowe Productions
  • Filmed by Tim Brunsden
Josie Lawrence

Linda Marlowe brings each of Berkoff’s amazing characters to incredible life. The journey is extreme and exciting. She is wondrous.

Director Josie Lawrence

About The Author

Original plays by Steven Berkoff include: “East”, “West”, “Decadence”, “Greek”, “Kvetch”, “Acapulco”, “Harry’s Christmas”, “Sink The Belgrano”, “Massage”, “Brighton Beach Scumbags”, “Sturm Und Drang”, and have been widely performed internationally. Among his many stage productions are: “The Trial”, “Metamorphosis”, “Agamemnon”, “The Fall Of the House Of Usher”. He has directed productions of “Hamlet”, “Macbeth”, “Coriolanus” and “Salome” which have toured extensively.

As an actor he as appeared in such films as: The Clockwork Orange, Barry Lyndon, McVicar, Octopussy, Beverly Hills Cop, Rambo, Under The Cherry Moon, Absolute Beginners, Prisoner Of Rio, The Krays, Fair Game.


Marlowe is a consummate actress; gorgeous to look at, slinky and sexy, sensual and impassioned, breathtakingly versatile. She can curse with alluring and compelling charm! It was brilliant. A veritable tour de force.

The Scotsman

Berkoff's tight onomatopoeic verse is ridden like a wild stallion! It is a tribute to the genius of Berkoff and the awe inspiring greatness of Linda Marlowe's acting

The List

When she spreads her arms, she embraces the world. Her voice is an instrument of silk and seduction, frayed at the edges and pickled in port

The Daily Mail