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AT YOURS - The show must go online!

The company began in July of this year as a direct result of the Covid 19 situation.

Brainchild of actress Gillian Hardie and developer and film maker Eva Ragoo, At Yours was born in the middle of 2020 while theatre and performance spaces were closing one after the other. Having seen the response to organisations like the National Theatre streaming its plays online, we decided it would be great to be able to provide a platform for people who have made, or are planning, their own shows and not only providing exposure and income for them, but for everyone involved.

And At Yours was born.

Gillian Hardie
Eva Ragoo

In this time of instability, we are so happy to offer the opportunity to still make theatre.

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Want to get involved? We are always happy to hear about new projects. Don't be shy. The show must go on.

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